07 March 2023  |  26 May 2023

Advanced Business Project Management

Applications accepted until 17 February 2023
Programme manager:
Rhoda Malebye
WBS- Certificate of Competency
Course dates
07 March 2023 - 26 May 2023
Registration closes
17 February 2023
Are you looking to expand your ability to plan, execute and control major business projects to achieve your organisation's objectives? This course is ideal for professionals, from any discipline, who play an important role in projects including project managers.
12 weeks - divided into 25 days
2023 = R27,300.00

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Gain a thorough grounding in the techniques for planning, executing, controlling, and closing of business projects of any size or complexity.

This course is ideal for professionals, from any discipline, who play an important role in projects including project managers or key project office staff who wish to enhance their skills and perspective as well as senior and middle managers who are responsible for, or involved in, projects. 

It refreshes knowledge of basic techniques and goes on to build perspective by covering many strategic and governance aspects, emphasising the relationship between the project manager, executive sponsor and other key stakeholders. The learning modules are reinforced with practical exercises and case studies done in collaboration with other delegates.

Course Description 

All important aspects of business project management are covered including governance of a project and of a portfolio of projects. Get the knowledge and tools to plan, execute and control major projects that achieve your organisation's objectives and meet statutory requirements. There are core topics like scheduling, cost, and risk management, and special topics like the business case, project selection, procurement, and negotiation (total about 40 modules). It involves roughly 10-15 days of preparation and assignments. Preparation is via audios with slide lectures and quizzes. There are also14 online days for discussion, exercises, and case studies (in syndicates). All this is spread over about 3 months. There are marked assignments and assessments.

Learn the techniques to deal with serious issues and keep a project on track.

Experiential education opportunities such as the ones we deliver here at WBS, develop the skills, qualities and attributes required to lead organisations, grow, and transform businesses and realise strategic objectives. We have incorporated the best generative thinking methodologies from around the world into our programmes, providing an immersive education experience that teaches individuals to create, capture and deliver value now and into the future.

You will gain a grounding in the most important business project management techniques. The orientation session is held about 10 days before the first online session to give time for preparation.

Course Structure 

Audios, Slides and Quizzes are provided and are to be done in delegates' own time prior to the online sessions.


Course Format 

Weekdays 8:30 to 15:00 


Who is this programme for? 

  • Project managers or key project office staff who wish to enhance their skills and perspective;
  • Senior and middle managers who are responsible for, or involved in, projects;
  • Professionals, from any discipline, who play an important role in projects.


What you will learn? 

  • Every module has one or more audios, supported by slides, that are done before the class sessions (online or classroom). They can be listened to multiple times - until you are comfortable with the content.
  • Most modules are followed by a short quiz which must also be done before the class sessions. The purpose is to check your understanding; all must be passed to earn the certificate. The quizzes can be repeated multiple times and the highest mark is recorded.
  • This preparation is reinforced during interactive class sessions where delegates can ask questions and put forward situations for discussion. After the discussions, exercises and case studies, done in syndicates, give practical experience.
  • Besides the essential techniques, there are many modules that build your perspective or cover aspects like procurement that may not arise in some projects, but may be vitally important on others.
  • Much of the understanding applies not only in project situations but to management in general.
  • Two assignments and studying for two 'open book' assessments further enhance your learning. All must be passed to earn the certificate.



Lead Lecturer: Dr Frank Einhorn

 "The ability to plan and execute projects is critical to an organisation's ability to bring about change. Projects, whether small or large, are necessary to take advantage of business opportunities, to optimize operations and to meet statutory requirements. This programme is WBS's response to the need for a high-level qualification in project management expertise. It will give you a thorough understanding of the disciplines and techniques of project management in order for you to plan, execute, control and close a major project. You will learn how to keep a project on track while dealing with risks and issues." Frank Einhorn
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Course reviews

  • MAP was a great introduction to the commercial side of the business for a health professional like myself. I am now able to identify and leverage synergies between my department and others in the organisation. Because of the diversity and calibre of its students, WBS has helped me increase my network and I have recommended MAP to a number of my colleagues. It was an investment worth more than the rand value of the course – and motivated me to do my MBA!
    Pumza Mokgehle
    MAP Part-time
  • Doing NMP with WBS has provided me with the basic and highly valuable skills as I prepare myself for a leadership role within my organisation. The programme had practical examples which I could relate to my real situation at work.
    Kanyile Gwija