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Upskilling your future to get ahead of the transformation curve

Upskill towards a better and brighter future

'Pracademia' and learning for real-world impact. We get people from business to teach business.

Why not give yourself and your employees the best chance of securing a new career opportunity or simply supporting them to upskill themselves towards a better and brighter future.

Lifelong learning is necessary for those wanting to succeed in life if they wish to remain relevant. Business leaders have to adapt to internal and external disruptions; therefore, flexibility, agility, and resilience are important skills and mindsets to develop.
Given the speed at which technology is influencing the way we live, and essentially running our businesses, a digital skillset becomes crucial. Digital skills drive growth, increase revenue and market brands, and improve organisational performance.

As part of our Executive Education series of programmes, you will learn how to improve your effectiveness as a leader, how to apply strategic analysis to practical situations, and how to manage the challenges of a world of disruption and change.

Our programmes provide the best in knowledge, tools, research and practical exposure.

Welcome to Wits Business School

Now more than ever, we need to develop the right attitude, mindset and skillset in order to think strategically and drive innovation. Our programmes will assist you to broaden your perspective and to fully understand the forces that drive the new world of work.
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Executive Education
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Executive Education caters to your education and development needs through:
  • Innovative and agile learning experiences
  • Practical exposure and real case studies
  • Action learning programmes through practical knowledge
  • Upskilling through fluid and future driven programmes that is adaptable to the business & market needs
Executive Education Mission:
The mission of Executive Education through Wits Business School is to develop agile and ethical leaders who are a force for positive change locally and globally. This will be driven through principles of critical thinking, innovation and sustainability.

What do our students say about us

  • MAP was a great introduction to the commercial side of the business for a health professional like myself. I am now able to identify and leverage synergies between my department and others in the organisation. Because of the diversity and calibre of its students, WBS has helped me increase my network and I have recommended MAP to a number of my colleagues. It was an investment worth more than the rand value of the course – and motivated me to do my MBA!
    Pumza Mokgehle
    MAP Part-time
  • Doing NMP with WBS has provided me with the basic and highly valuable skills as I prepare myself for a leadership role within my organisation. The programme had practical examples which I could relate to my real situation at work.
    Kanyile Gwija

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