Why choose Executive Education for you?

Executive education caters for working people at various levels of an organisation; it focuses on the key skills and competencies needed to manage oneself, others, and a successful business.

Wits Business School's innovative and impactful Executive Education programmes are targeted at senior executives, managers and new managers who are looking to harness their skills and translate their knowledge into practical and effective business solutions. Our programmes are designed to address organisations' immediate and future needs by empowering employees to drive change, manage and lead teams, and adopt innovative approaches to solving complex problems.

The quality of teaching on executive education programmes is enhanced by the number of visiting/adjunct professors from other business schools around the world. Our part-time lectures who work in organisations bring current and relevant practical knowledge to the classroom. We make extensive us of the case study method, thanks to our own dedicated Case Centre, which brings real-word business challenges to the classroom.
  • Growth mindset

    We believe everyone can grow and change through experiences and application. People with a growth mindset put their energy into learning and embrace challenges rather than avoiding them. Our programmes support personal growth and provide delegates with tools and strategies that improve their resilience, motivation, and personal performance.
  • Mentorship & coaching

    Leaders are expected to guide, empower, motivate, and inspire the people they work with. Our mentoring and coaching programmes support individuals that aspire to further their leadership development for the future. The programmes are designed to give mentors and coaches theoretical knowledge, tools, techniques and practical experiences that develop their mentoring and coaching practice.
  • Social responsibility

    At the heart of our mission is to graduate agile and ethical leaders who will have a positive impact on the world. This is why we ensure that everything we do at WBS is guided by three principles: critical thinking, innovation, and sustainability. We offer ethical management training that ensures that our delegates make a significant impact not only as leaders in their organisations, but in our country and continent.

Life-long learning

"Learn continually, there is always 'one more thing' to learn"
Steve Jobs
At WBS we design and deliver programmes for business professionals as part of their continued professional development and life-long learning. Our flexible approach to programme delivery accommodates a busy lifestyle and creates a unique learning experience for our delegates.
Globally recognised transformative learning methodologies, networking and skills sharing opportunities, Action Learning Projects, expert coaching and workplace application are included in our programmes. Our team of pracademics bring to the classroom, first-hand and up-to-date industry experience in order to maximise productivity, drive innovation and develop a competitive advantage. Business coaches, mentors, and learning integrators support and challenge delegates to grow personally and professionally, helping them to succeed and stay ahead.

As part of our commitment to life-long learning, the Management Advancement Programme (MAP) provides an access route to formal academic programmes for delegates without the prerequisite qualifications.

Learning from the best

Through our extensive networks, WBS has access to global thought leaders across all sectors of business and society. The School is at the forefront of research in the context of emerging markets, and has positioned itself as a centre of dialogue, debate and discourse on a range of social, economic and political issues facing Africa. The WBS Chair in Digital Business, the African Energy Leadership Centre and Chair in African Philanthropy are the first of their kind on the continent.
Our team of part-time pracademics and full-time WBS faculty bring to the classroom first-hand, up-to-date industry experience. They are passionate business people as well as academics, who are eager to share knowledge towards individual and organisational growth and transformation.

Future proofing for businesses

WBS realises that the world and nature of work have fundamentally changed. Our programmes are framed around the requirements of the new world of work with specific focus on digital skills, sustainability, collaboration, ethics, responsiveness and agility.

We aim to offer programmes that will sustainably accelerate the organisations ability to compete in the 21st century.