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Do you wish to build a leadership blueprint for yourself or your organisation?

Wits Business School's innovate and impactful Executive Education courses are targeted at senior executives, managers and new managers who are looking to harness their skills and translate their knowledge into practical and effective business solutions.

Our courses assist individuals to broaden the perspective and to fully understand the forces that drive the new world of work.
Now more than ever, we need to develop the right attitude, mindset and skillset in order to think strategically and drive innovation. Delegates learn how to improve their effectiveness as a leader, how to apply strategic analysis to practical situations, and how to effectively negotiate for what they want. The Action Learning and Business Integration Projects, Personal Development Plans, and Business Cases, allow delegates to test and apply what they've learnt in their work environment. Our courses provide delegates with the best in knowledge, tools, research and practical exposure and have been developed by industry experts and seasoned academics.

Wits Business School's Executive Education aims to meet the needs of individuals and organisations, through revolutionising the methodologies of learning and development.

Let us help you create your leadership blueprint and grow your organisation. Welcome to Wits Business School!

Brands who trust us

What our transformation journey entails:

  • Co-creation of real solutions: we use your organisation as the case study
  • We design and implement solutions, and conduct impact assessments
  • One on one mentoring and coaching, and activity follow-ups
  • Rigour and objectivity in content
  • Immersive formats with a strong hands-on component with the aim of maximising impact and efficacy
  • Continuous monitoring and evaluation

Custom programs

Our solutions enable corporate clients and businesses to reimagine their future. Employees are empowered to drive revolutionary change, manage and lead teams, identify new opportunities and master their talents by adopting an innovative approach to solving complex problems.
The customised courses are designed to address the organisations immediate and future needs. We address specific challenges by exploring different concepts and frameworks and implementing unique action learning methodologies that create a dynamic learning experience that aims to achieve significant results in real-time. We aim to provide delegates with the best experience by developing flexible learning options that blend various methods of study that support a busy lifestyle.

Customised training and development include:

  • High impact, immersive and non-conventional learning experiences
  • Coaching to support personal development
  • Action learning projects
  • Business Integration Projects
  • Business simulations
  • Immersions which include onsite and offsite visits to key stakeholders
  • Pracademia – Academics bringing practical experiences and exposure to the classroom
  • Flexible learning journeys
  • Syndicate challenges

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